Does Google have a conflict of interest when it comes to “time to spider”?

In the few months since I launched a new site, things have changed in the SEO market. In my most recent launch I noticed that one crucial difference is that now the time it takes Google to spider a new site has increased.

It seems to take about 4-5 days for a completely new site with some good links and content to appear in its index, and it can often take a few more weeks to get processed to the point that it starts appearing higher in search results.

What this means for new site owners is that they increasingly need to use other methods to get initial exposure for their sites, and this often means using Google AdWords.

And here’s therein lies the problem. One could argue that it is in Google’s interest to wait a little before it includes a site in its index, because until the site is included the owner is left only with the option of PR and paid inclusion. Combined with increasing costs of pay-per-click SEM, this creates a very long tail of small businesses on limited budgets needing to up their spend and wait for Google’s favour.

This isn’t helped, of course, by the long time it takes Bing to include a brand new site, and with Google’s dominant position in the market.We appear to be stuck with the initial pay-and-wait-for-Google problem.

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